Celebrity Big Brother: Danica has been giving The Situation "special handshakes"!

Danica & The Situation's chat after lights out

The Situation has claimed that Danica has been giving him "special handshakes" in the Celebrity Big Brother house!

Rhian and Danica were in bed discussing Ashley and The Situation while Prince Lorenzo and The Situation had gone in turn to the diary room to discuss Danica.

The Situation mentioned that Danica has been holding his hand and giving him special handshakes but as soon as he was saved from eviction “she jumped ship and is chilling with the Prince.”

“If she was single, she’s my type” Lorenzo beamed but felt that he should clear the air with The Situation adding: “I’ll sleep on it then talk to Mike man-to-man.”

The Situation confided: “Her eyes speak to me, I can’t get enough of that girl, as time goes by she’ll keep letting me down.

"She just uses me when she needs to get close to the others or in time of need. If she was single, I’d definitely have to get that pre-nup.”

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