Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Ashley McKenzie: 'Rhian is hurting me'

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ashley has told to big Brother that Rhian's flirting is hurting him.

Ashley was in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Rhian.

He said that his heart is telling him that Rhian has a boyfriend and “to leave her alone,” but her actions say something else.

“She also says mixed things to me and says we’ll talk on the outside, everyday that I see her, I get more hurt,” he confided in Big Brother.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Danica said that it’s a joke to think that she or Rhian is leading anyone on.

“We just get on more with guys than we do with girls,” Rhian told her but Danica said that they should stop justifying their actions.

Elsewhere and in the garden some of the housemates are talking about Danica and Rhian.

Prince Lorenzo said that Danica shouldn’t put out certain “signals,” and Ashley mentions that they shouldn’t have guys on their beds.

“If I had a girlfriend on the show doing things like that, knowing that I’m watching, I’d wanna know what she’s doing when I’m not watching!” Lorenzo muses.

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