Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Day 10 highlights and recap


Day 10 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw a surprise evict result after Cheryl Ferigson was booted out.

It’s the morning of the second eviction and five housemates face the public vote. Tonight, either Coleen, Prince Lorenzo, Julian, Cheryl or The Situation will leave the Big Brother house. Harvey is finding it hard to get up. “I’ve got a semi bruv,” he remarks to Ashley who says that he has one too. “You might poke someone in the eye,” Ashley jokes. Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. “Another day another dollar, please God everybody be happy today,” muses Julie. Coleen refers to the upset between Rhian and Ashley and comments: “Ashley can’t bear it and she can’t help the fact that she’s hurt him.” Martin says that by allowing Ashley to get into her bed “cuddling and canoodling,” Rhian is still flirting with Ashley and says that both she and Danica are “taking it miles too far. “I tell you what she should do, she should back off,” he scolds. Samantha agrees and says that Danica and Rhian have been “giving off mixed messages” to some of the guys in the house.

Danica and Rhian are in bed talking about the state of affairs with the boys. “They think I’m leading Ashley on,” Rhian remarks reacting to comments that some of the housemates had made. The Situation and Samantha are in the kitchen. “I’m pleased you sorted it out, I told her you’re too nice, I was your biggest fan,” she assures him. Ashley is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Rhian. He says that his heart is telling him that Rhian has a boyfriend and “to leave her alone,” but her actions say something else. “She also says mixed things to me and says we’ll talk on the outside, everyday that I see her, I get more hurt,” he confides. In the bedroom Danica says that it’s a joke to think that she is leading anyone on. “We just get on more with guys than we do with girls,” Rhian tells her but Danica says that they should stop justifying their actions.

Rhian is in the bedroom doing her make up. She tells Julian that she doesn’t want him to leave the house tonight. “Never mind, someone will look after you,” he quips. Harvey is shaving in the living area. Martin tells him that Coleen maybe “taking things to heart,” referring to the forthcoming eviction. Danica is in the diary room talking about her friendship with The Situation: “It’s hard being friends with someone who likes you in that way,” she admits, and says that The Situation “wants more than friendship,” with her.

Coleen and Rhian are in the bedroom and Rhian confesses: “I don’t wanna cross the line,” with Ashley and tells Coleen that she doesn’t want her to leave tonight. “It’s out of my hands, she replies adding: “If I don’t’ go, I think I’ll be up all the time, I’m so insecure about myself,” she muses.

Harvey is in the bedroom giving Samantha a shoulder massage at the mirrors. “You’re knotted everywhere,” he consults as Samantha enjoys the effects. “You’ve got the gift,” she beams.

Cheryl is talking to Big Brother and says she will leave the house feeling good and will ignore any “bad vibes.” She says that she will ignore any boos she may hear and just concentrate on the “positives,” like hearing her friends in the crowd shouting, “Well done babe!”

In the garden some of the housemates are talking about Danica and Rhian. Prince Lorenzo says that Danica shouldn’t put out certain “signals,” and Ashley mentions that they shouldn’t have guys on their beds. “If I had a girlfriend on the show doing things like that, knowing that I’m watching, I’d wanna know what she’s doing when I’m not watching!” Lorenzo muses.

Housemates have been called into the garden to take part in today’s task; a gungy and controversial quiz entitled Majority Rules. Housemates take it in turn to sit in the hot seat while Big Brother asks their fellow housemates a few questions about them. If the housemate in the hot seat is able to correctly guess how the majority of the housemates have voted via keypad, then they would remain dry. But get it wrong and they are gunged.

The Situation and Rhian are discussing the task. Rhian was gunged when she incorrectly guessed the majority of her housemates would vote her as the most glamorous housemate. “I only said yes cos I’m the only glamour model in here,” she muses. “You’re a little bit more flashy than her,” The Situation tells her and tries to explain that she is a bit more up-front than Danica. “You have what you have,” he says and tells her that he doesn’t mean it in a bad way. Rhian is confused. He tries to explain: “She’s like, a beautiful girl who grew up on a farm.” Rhian says that she could be that kind of person. The Situation says that he can’t see Rhian “milking cows.” “You’d be surprised,” she retorts.

Big Brother announces that the housemates facing eviction can collect their suitcases. “Do you think this hotel will pack my suitcase for me?” jokes the Prince. The nominated housemates have revealed their feelings to Big Brother throughout the course of the day. Cheryl admits to being “surprisingly calm” and Coleen says she is scared of falling down the stairs and “making a tit out of myself. I’ll miss the house but I’m not ready to go,” she ends. Coleen also confides in Samantha and tells her: “I’m not at the point where I’m ready to go home, I still want to play, I’ll feel like I’ve let people down.” Julian tells Big Brother that he will be “nervous” once he hears the noise from the crowd. “I want to stay to vote next time, there are so many people to choose from, I’ve got resentment building up,” he beams.
“It’s been an experience like no other,” The Situation muses.

All of the housemates are gathered on the sofas for the result of this week’s public vote. Brian announces that Julian and The Situation have been saved by the public and will therefore remain in the Big Brother house. Housemates congratulate them as they wait for the next announcement. “I don’t wanna go through this again,” The Situation admits. Coleen is announced as the next housemate to be saved by the public. A short while later, host Brian announces that Cheryl is the second housemate to be evicted. She hugs several housemates and announces, “Look after my pool,” before exiting the house.

Later in the diary room Julian tells Big Brother that he feels “bereft” by Cheryl’s departure, “She was the life and soul of the house, she was real to me,” Coleen cries. Earlier Cheryl told Big Brother, “This whole experience was the best I’ve ever had in my life.”

It’s been two hours since Prince Lorenzo survived the eviction. “I’m here by a finger nails,” he tells his fellow housemates. Ashley tells him that he is happy that the Prince is still in the house, “I love you,” Prince Lorenzo retorts. Coleen and Danica are in the bedroom talking about the eviction process. “I’m sure I won’t react that way next time. I don’t wanna judge people and I don’t want to be judged. I hate it, what give me the right?” she sobs. “It’s not fair on my kids, who knows what they’re seeing,” she adds and they both agree that when they have watched the show at home they never realise the “intensity” of life in the house.

Two hours and 29 minutes have passed since four housemates survived the eviction. Coleen is in the diary room. “I’m so grateful for being saved, I’m glad to come in here and let it all out,” she cries. Coleen tells Big Brother that she doesn’t’ want to cry in front of the housemates as they may feel she is “looking for sympathy” or “playing a game.” “I don’t cry, or maybe it’s because I couldn’t breathe in that dress for three hours,” she jokes.

Prince Lorenzo is in the bedroom and tells Danica that he is baffled as to why the crowd booed him. “It’s because you judged me too quick,” she remarks. She tells him that she is joking then reminds him: “They were cheering for Cheryl and she went.” The Situation walks through as Lorenzo asks “What did I do.” The Situation stops by the door then asks cryptically: “In high school, did you ever sit by yourself?” then walks outside leaving the question hanging. Danica says that The Situation was implying that the Prince may be separate from the group. “You know why, you’re not stupid,” she queries. Lorenzo is unsure and says that The Situation isn’t always good with words. “It’s clear to see that he’s just jealous, when I talk to you the daggers he gives me is unreal.”

Coleen and Samantha are giving Ashley and The Situation some advice. “Leave it, it’s not gonna happen, it’s hurting me and you’ll keep your pride.” Harvey scolds: “They’ll have questions to answer to their man (sic).” Coleen cautions: “It’s whether you can be strong enough to say nothing can happen and just be mates.” Prince Lorenzo and Danica are in the living area discussing The Situation. “I feel every time I talk to you it’s a problem,” Danica tells him and says that out of all of their housemates “I could bond with you on the outside.” Lorenzo mentions that The Situation had made a comment once about Danica being his “girl” when he saw them sitting together.

In the garden the conversation is also about Danica. The Situation mentions that she said she would accompany him to the MTV music awards. “Her boyfriend is not gonna let her go to the MTV awards, I think she’s being naïve to think that,” Coleen tells him. At the sofas Prince Lorenzo tells Danica, “I would kiss you if you were single, honest, that show (I did) with 27 girls, if you were there I would have picked you in seconds,” and they both giggle.

Coleen is giving Danica some advice about the boys and says that she realises that it must be difficult to be mates with them in the house. “I don’t want to be standoffish,” Danica tells her and realises that having the boys on her bed “looks bad.” Coleen relays Harvey’s earlier analogy about how he’d feel if his girlfriend acted the way she and Rhian have been. Danica say that it’s “silly” that they have to act differently with the opposite sex, “I’m open with my boyfriend I told him I’m not interested in anyone else,” she says. “That’s easy to say, but (Ashley) he fancies you,” Coleen reminds her.

It’s been 3 hours and 29 minutes since the eviction. “Julie says I’m like a tart in a trance,” Julian tells Big Brother and likens his experience so far to “a roller-coaster of highs and lows.” He continues: “I didn’t want to go home. I was delighted, comedians want to be loved,” he says and compares being saved as “the same high as doing a show and being applauded.”

Danica is still the topic of conversation amongst some of the boys. Harvey tells The Situation that his “boys” back home will see the show and tell him that he got “played” by Danica. The Situation smiles and says that Danica has said she wants to be “besties” with him adding: “I’m gonna be like listen, I like you, I feel a little bit hurt by you, so step off.”

Rhian and Danica are in bed discussing Ashley and The Situation. Prince Lorenzo and The Situation have come in turn to the diary room to discuss Danica. The Situation mentions that Danica has been holding his hand and giving him special handshakes but as soon as he was saved from eviction “she jumped ship and is chilling with the Prince.”

“If she was single, she’s my type” Lorenzo beams but feels that he should clear the air with The Situation adding: “I’ll sleep on it then talk to Mike man-to-man.” The Situation confides: “Her eyes speak to me, I can’t get enough of that girl, as time goes by she’ll keep letting me down. She just uses me when she needs to get close to the others or in time of need. If she was single, I’d definitely have to get that pre-nup.”

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