Celebrity Big Brother news: Housemates suspicious of Jasmine's mum!


Jasmine Lennard's mum Marilyn has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house this afternoon, and the housemates are already suspicious!

Marilyn is on a secret task to convince the housemates that she's a fully fledged housemate, when in actual fact she's just there to cause trouble with Jasmine feeding her instructions via an ear piece.

But while Coleen and Rhian were quick to greet the new arrival, some housemates haven't been so keen.

“She’s come in here to do something,” Harvey declared behind her backs.

“There’s no picture on the wall…. Funny how we haven’t got a task today,” Ashley added.

Marilyn has told the group that she's entered the house because of a scandal going on in the outside world, but it's not convinced some of the group.

Harvey is very much not buying it, asking: “Why do you keep touching one side of your hair, have you got an earpiece in?"

But a calm Marilyn has handled the interrogations well, replying: "No darling. I’m just a hair flicker of the world."

If Jasmine and Marilyn carry out their mission without being rumbled, and Marilyn’s true identity isn’t discovered then Jasmine will win a very special reward which will be revealed later.

If they fail their mission, then the housemates will be rewarded instead.

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