Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Housemates face getting gunged in new task!


Today, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates will take part in a controversial quiz in which the correct answers are decided by the majority, and the losers get a humiliating gunging.

During each round of the game, 1 housemate will sit in the ‘hot seat’ - the hot seat is a gunge tank, capable of drenching a housemate in brightly coloured gunge. The other 11 housemates will be stationed in front with electronic voting pads.

Big Brother will ask the 11 housemates a question about the housemate in the hot seat e.g.

Is Danica’s profession immoral?

The group will all vote anonymously using their digital keypads and the results will be logged in Big Brother’s computer, but not yet revealed.

The housemate in the hot seat must then decide how they think the majority of housemates have voted. Big Brother will then reveal the result.

If the housemate in the hot seat has given the same answer as the majority, then they are safe.

However, if they have given the same answer as the minority then they are immediately gunged. Each housemate will take a turn in the hot seat.

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