Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Ashley apologises to Julian for nominating him!

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

It's been a morning for apologies in the Celebrity Big Brother house this morning.

It follows a series of rule breaks about nominations last night, where it was revealed that Ashley had nominated Julian.

The young Judo star was quick to approach the camp funnyman to apologise, and insist he regretted the decision.

"You're the least guy I know in the house, but I take it back now because I know what you are doing in the house is positive," Ashley told him.

He continued: "I should have judged someone for not washing up.

"All I said is I didn't know you as much as I know people in here."

Ashley added: "It was the wrong decision."

"I don't mind, I don't mind" insisted Julian, who seemed to be more concerned about Big Brother's punishment.

"But now we've got no hot water!" he cried.

Meanwhile Samantha was also having to aplogise after she revealed she hadn't nominated Prince, resulting in the punishment in the first place.

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