Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Housemates set secret admirer task!


Big Brother has set the Celebrity housemates a very special task this afternoon.

After all of the arguments in recent days, it seems Big Brother feels that the house could do with some lover.

Later today, the housemates will be called to the diary room one by one where they will each find in front of them is a hand-tied bouquet of flowers.

The housemate is told they can give this bouquet of flowers to any housemate of their choice as a thank you or even as a romantic gesture if they wish. They must give a reason for choosing that housemate and are told that when they leave the diary room they must not tell anyone... it has to remain a secret.

Later on in the day Big Brother will deliver of flowers from the top of the stairway and the rest of the housemates are told to gather on the sofas.

Attached to each bouquet is an envelope with a celebrity’s name on. Each housemate who has received a bouquet of flowers must stand up and the attached note will be read aloud in front of the rest of the housemates. The housemate is then asked to guess who the bouquet of flowers were from.

Big Brother informs them if they are correct or incorrect, however, if incorrect Big Brother will not reveal who the flowers were actually from.

If, as a collective group, housemates correctly guess 9 out of the 12 ‘givers’ correctly, then they will win luxury high tea that afternoon served in the undercover area.

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