Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Evicted Jasmine: 'I can't be nice!'


Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jasmine has said she failed on the show because she simply can't be nice!

Speaking after her exit last night, the former lover of Simon Cowell insisted: "I'm alright, it's really strange being outside and seeing people. It's just massive relief, that's the main thing that's going through my mind.

"I didn't ant to let my son down and let my mum down and as soon as I saw my mum's face I knew that she was proud of me so I'm good."

Jasmine became the first evictee of [cat c="big brother"]Celebrity Big Brother 2012[/cat] last night, and said she was happy to have been booted out.

She claimed: "I would have totally lost the plot if I stayed. You can't explain... watching it from the outside, when you're in there it's impossible to explain how difficult it is."

The model suggested if sh was nicer she would've stayed, but said she simply can't help but he honest!

She explained: "Perhaps if I was more diplomatic, I would've stayed there longer. There was no gameplan... I don't want to sit in a group and sing songs, this isn't bandcamp. I hate that."

Jasmine admitted: "This was my worse nightmare, walking in there, the lights, the cameras... I was totally, totally terrified of the entire thing.

"I was hoping that I would be embraced by people and they would see the good and bad, but sometimes it doesn't work out like that."

She added: "The reason that I was there was for my son and I went there and I survived it."

Jasmine also apologised for remarks made about Danica's parents, unaware that her mother had passed away.

"I obviously did not realise this girl's mother had passed way," Jasmine said. "I was like 'F**k!' I made some boo boos in my time, but that was horrific, that was bad, it was a knife in my stomach.

"When I apoglosied to her it was for having said that. But I still stand by my reasons for disapproving of what she does."

Finally, Jasmine backed Samantha to win saying: "I say it like it is and she says like it is but she's a bit more diplomatic.

"She's the only person in here who's being real, and she's a real sweetheart. She's a sweetheart."

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