Celebrity Big Brother 2012 eviction: Jasmine Lennard hits out at "skanky" Danica


Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jasmine Lennard has claimed she's glad to be out of the house, but couldn't help but take another swipe at Danica.

Jasmine became the first to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother after tonight's CBB eviction results were revealed to the house.

"Not everyone can like you but I'm very grateful for the people that did," Jasmine told Big Brother host Brian Dowling after her exit. "I'm so pleased it's so over, I would've stayed there for my song but I did not want to carry on."

Asked why she felt the public had decided to keep Rhian in the house over her, Jasmine suggested: "I don't know, she's nice and dull. People like nice people and I found it hard, I struggle with that."

During her week's stay inside the house, Jasmine got herself into countless arguments and clashes with her fellow housemates, but she insisted: "I say how I feel every second, that's just who I am.

"Normally, I find the line and just take a little step over."

On her rocky relationship with Danica in particular, Jasmine said: "Umm... well we are live... but they're just skanky girls. They're just skanks."

Jasmine got on a lot better with Julie, who she described as an "adopted mother".

Finally, Jasmine said she wanted Danica out next and backed Samantha Brick to win the show next month.

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