Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Jasmine blasts Rhian and Danica over their "Playboy" gameplans


Celebrity Big Brother big mouth Jasmine Lennard has been bitching about rivals Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall again, hitting out at their 'Playboy' gameplans.

In the garden, Samantha and Jasmine were talking about Ashley and Rhian.

Samantha branded Ashley as “vulnerable” and claimed that Rhian “knows how the game works”.

Jasmine agreed and told Samantha that she feels sorry for the young judo star and continued: “I think he’ll feel like a right idiot when he watches the series back.”

She went on to speculate that Rhian would never “f**k with Ashley” because he does not have any money.

After Samantha depicted Rhian and Danica as “smart”, Jasmine disagreed and joked: “No they’re not clever. They are all t**s and a****.

"I don’t think there’s a smart game plan, they’ve just shaken their t**s around and put a bit of cream on his face."

She added: "It’s hardly Einstein’s master plan to survive the Big Brother house; it’s more like Playboy guidelines!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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