Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Housemates deliver some home truths

Julie Goodyear (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

For the final part of this week's shopping task, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates had to tell one another some home truths.

Over the past two days, the housemates have been spending money in order to win money towards their shopping budget.

For every £1 they spend in Big Brother's various games, they'll win £1 to spend on this week's shopping.

Tasks have included pieing one another in the face, wearing ridiculous costumes and downing disgusting fishy shots.

Tonight the group had a final chance to win more money for the shopping by being honest.

In turn, four housemates had to pick two cards from two piles: One pile of cards had the housemates' faces on and the other being a phrase that they complete about that housemate.

Phrases included things like "The most irritating thing about this housemate is..."

The more honest, frank and blunt they are with each other the more they would win for the shopping.

But the home truths were a bit less exciting then perhaps Big Brother was hoping.

Coleen kicked things off, picking Julian.

She complained that the camp comic wasn't doing enough innuendo, hardly the most harshest of home truths.

No doubt Jasmine wouldn't have held back...

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