Celebrity Big Brother news: Jasmine rules out romance with the Prince!


Celebrity Big Brother's Jasmine Lennard has has ruled at a romance with Prince Lorenzo Borghese in the CBB house, claiming that he wouldn't be able to handle her!

Jasmine confided in Samantha Brick this afternoon that she "connected" with the US reality star well but wouldn't want a relationship with him.

The model said: "I'm getting this whole thing from Lorenzo, 'Don't I want to find a nice person', 'Don't I want to be a nice girl'

"I sit there and listen to him and think, 'Actually no, I really don't'."

She told the journalist: "There's a reason I have Queen of the Damned across my stomach. That's who I am. I don't want anyone to take that away from me. I'm not trying to be Marcia Brady."

"Sounds like he hasn't met anyone like you before. You are you," replied Samantha.

Jasmine admitted: "I can have a conversation with anyone from any walk of life. I connect with him and get on with him very well."

But she added: "there is no way in this universe that the guy would be able to control me or begin to handle being in a relationship with me.

"I'd be bored out of my god damn mind."

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