Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian and Jasmine clash big time!


There were tears and shouting on Celebrity Big Brother 2012 tonight, as Rhian and Jasmine clashed again.

The pair were once again bickering over Ashley, with Jasmine blasting Rhian for leading the Judo player on.

“I’m very disappointed with this chick right now,” Jasmine declared while pointing at Rhian. She looked to Ashley and continued: “I do believe she’s led you on, I don’t think you’re f**king crazy, I feel like she’s manipulated you.”

Jasmine told them that she told Rhian to apologise to Ashley but Rhian refused and claimed that she had nothing to apologise for.

Rhian tried to defend herself but Jasmine talked over her shouting: “Yes you did, yes you did!”

Jasmine pointed to Danica and claims, “She (Rhian) did this chick in cos she was afraid of my wrath going in her direction,” and said that Rhian lied about how well she knew Danica.

Rhian and Danica then revealed that they have spoken about things and settled any previous bad feelings there may have been between them.

Jasmine then stood over Rhian and Ashley swiftly held her back while trying to calm the situation. Jasmine told housemates that she is telling the truth, “I swear on my son’s life,” she yelled. She headed towards the house then commented: “I tried from the second I came in here!”

“Me too, you’re manipulative!” Rhian shouted back.

Later on Julia and a teary Jasmine went into the diary room. “I feel its f**ked up, after I’ve supported this girl, she makes me look like the bad girl,” cried Jasmine.

She said that she feels like a “fool” for being kind to Rhian. “I didn’t come here to hang out with models, I can’t believe I’m having a conversation with them, I think it’s horrible what they do!”

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