Celebrity Big Brother UK: Ashley still thinks Rhian fancies him!

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Despite being turned down by the model, Celebrity Big Brother housemate Ashley reckons that Rhian still fancies him.

The Page 3 beauty insisted she didn't want a relationship with the Judo player, saying she had a boyfriend on the outside.

But on tonight's highlights, Ashley came to the diary room to declare: “There’s definitely a situation."

Ashley admitted to Big Brother that he felt “down” adding: “One day I’ll meet my princess.”

He told BB that he believes Rhian does fancy him and she thinks he’s a nice guy. He became defensive and said: “I don’t care, as long as I respect myself and my family.”

He continued to tell Big Brother that he will not be “begging” for Rhian during the rest of his time in the house.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Rhian's relationship of sorts was the talk of the house.

“I know its difficult cos he fancies her but he’s got to grow up, she’s being ostracised,” Coleen said.

The singer later confronted Ashley, telling him: “I understand the situation that it’s hard if you fancy someone and they don’t like you,”

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