Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian in tears over Jasmine and Ashley

Rhian Sugden (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Rhian Sugden was in tears tonight after falling out with both Jasmine Lennard and Ashley McKenzie.

Rhian, who is facing eviction on Wednesday against Jasmine, confided in Julie Goodyear and Danica Thrall about her feelings.

She told the pair: "I feel like I'm consisting explaining myself. I feel like she [Jasmine] has said so many things but I feel intimidated. She keeps saying 'When you go…'. Stuff like that."

Danica, who was in tears on last night's highlights show after clashing with Jasmine, sympathised: "I've had it happen to me, it's intimidating, it's difficult."

Rhian continued: "I was fuming with a few things she said and I don't know how to approach her."

A clueless Julie replied: "I didn't know any of this, is this because it's between you and her who goes?"

Rhian added: "I don't want to speak to Jasmine, I don't f**king trust her."

But it wasn't just her relationship with Jasmine that was causing Rhian's tears, having also fallen out with Ashley over his crush on her.

She revealed: "Ashley won't even speak to me, I've told him [I don't fancy him], but I feel like because I'm not giving him what I want he's avoiding me."

The blonde beauty sobbed: "Now I just feel a bit lost."

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