Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Prince Lorenzo in the house 'to promote himself'

Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Prince Lorenzo has revealed he's in the Celebrity Big Brother house to promote himself - and says it's the same for the other housemates.

The American reality star was questioned by Jasmine on why he had entered the house last night.

"I don't understand," she claimed.

The 'Playboy Prince' explained: "I did it because... I look at every opportunity I get and feel honored to be asked to do something really cool. You have to be invited, which is a nice thing.

"I haven't been back to the UK for seven years and I've always wanted to get to know it and make friends and come back, I've love to check out London more..."

But Prince then revealed probably the real reason why he had joined the line up, and no doubt the reason for many of the other housemates.

"On a business reason I'd like to promote what I do and what I am," he told Jasmine.

He added: "No matter what anyone says, they're all here to promote themselves. They are their biggest asset."

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