Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Jasmine Lennard admits she can't control herself!

Jasmine Lennard (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jasmine Lennard has confessed she often finds it hard to control herself.

The outspoken model has caused tension in the house this weekend after lashing out at various housemates, including Danica Thrall, Martin Kemp and Prince Lorenzo.

In one fight she told Martin to "f**k off" after he "betrayed" her by nominating her on Friday night.

Jasmine then branded Danica an "escort" and "prostitute" in another argument, taunting her: "Aren't your parents ashamed?"

But Jasmine confessed that she finds it hard to control herself when she's "raging".

“Most of the time I’m huge-hearted and entertaining. But 20% of the time I can’t control myself," she said. “I disgrace myself quite a lot. A few hours or days later I reflect back and I do have a conscience. But I have very bad anger management issues.

“I haven’t actually been diagnosed with bipolar but I have that kind of ­behaviour, a loss of control in the way that I’m feeling."

She told the Daily Star Sunday before entering the house: “I have these spectacular moments when I’ve let myself down so badly because I’m raging.

“I have been in a position in the past few years where I haven’t had money full stop for food or milk or nappies.

“I have been working – I had no choice when I found myself pregnant. I was on my arse and I went back to my mother’s spare bedroom."

And Jasmine insisted: “I’m not interested in the fame – I want to be rich and it’s for my son.”

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