Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The Situation can't stop thinking about Danica!


The Situation's crush for Danica continued in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house this weekend.

Speaking in the Diary room talking about Danica, the US star told Big Brother that he hasn’t met a girl “that I thought was pretty and with a cool personality, but at the same time a playful personality.”

The Situation - real name Mike Sorrentino - went on to say that he normally tires quickly of girls but doesn’t think this would happen with Danica who is always nice to him.

“Then again, if she does that for a living,” he remarked and told Big Brother he has a fear of being “played.”

He mentioned how close they were physically when he was helping to remove the cake from her hair and face. “I guess I feel like she’s’ my kryptonite and I’m Clarke Kent, she will be the death of me."

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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