Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian & Julie set talent agent task!

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

For today's Celebrity Big Brother 2012 task, Julian Clary and Julie Goodyear will become talent agents!

Big Brother calls celebrity housemates Julian and Julie to the diary room. These two housemates become Talent Agents, and will be given business suits, sunglasses, and gold accessories.

They make their way to the living area where they will take it in turns to pick who will be on each of their teams. They then make their way to the large task room - The Audition Room.

Round One: Auditions
The other housemates must perform one by one for the two talent agents, showcasing the talents they are known for. These auditions will be deliberately lo-fi, no costumes or backing tracks and they will be asked to perform the talents that they are known for; singing if they are a singer, acting, comedy, their sport.

The judges will take Polaroid pictures of them after their performances, and make notes on them after all celebs have performed.

Second Stage: Agent’s Houses
This will take place in the undercover area which has been themed as though housemates are visiting a house in St. Tropez complete with a chaise longue and fresh fruit platters on the table. The Agents will then choose the one act they are taking through to the final performance.

The Performance
After the two most talented housemates have performed, these performances will be uploaded onto the Big Brother website for the online audience to vote for their favourite.

VIP Party
Big Brother will then gather all housemates to announce the winner. The winner will win the ultimate VIP party for themselves, their agent and the rest of their team.

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