Celebrity Big Brother 2012: It kicks off between Jasmine and Danica!

Jasmine Lennard (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

It all kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother house this morning, as Jasmine Lennard hit out at Danica, branding her first a "prostitute" and then an "escort".

Jasmine was in the bedroom, warning some of the housemates that she no longer cared about holding back having been nominated for eviction.

And clearly trying to get some air time, she attacked Danica out of nowhere.

She spat at the blonde: “I don’t like escorts… I think you’re a little **** and I just don’t like your ways.

“I think it’s gross. If my daughter was like trying to get men to buy her **** on the internet like, I’d lock her in her room."

She went on: “Like aren’t your parents ashamed of you? It’s gross, it’s ugly, and for real, like you’re a pretty girl, you could do something different.”

A shocked and startled Danica, who had simply been drying her hair in the mirror, replied: “Do you know what, I’m so happy with what I do, I’m so happy…”

Jasmine said: “Good for you, I’m just saying I would never go there.”

Leaving the room, Jasmine had clear upset Dania while the other housemates all seemed taken aback by the outburst.

“Out of order," sighed Danica as she shook her head.

Meanwhile funnyman Julian remarked: “And it was all going so well...”

Harvey added: “That’s not nice, there was no need for that, that's no nice.”

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