Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Samantha Brick is Prince Lorenzo's princess!

Samantha Brick (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Prince Lorenzo chose Samantha Brick as his princess in yesterday's Celebrity big Brother task.

The female housemates’ task was to flirt it up to the max with Prince Lorenzo, as later that day the Prince will get to choose himself a Princess.

The girls had to turn up the flirting, flattery and flanter to the max. All female housemates should have done anything they can to impress Prince Lorenzo to encourage him to select them.

After 90 minutes of the girls flirting their socks off, Prince Lorenzo had to then pick his princess in a crowning ceremony. Prince Lorenzo eliminated the female housemates one at a time by presenting them with a ‘rejected’ sticker.

Despite plenty of flirting - and not a lot of clothes - Samantha won the award.

He had to treat the journalist like royalty for the rest of the day, wooing her and showering her in gifts that Big Brother will provide.

Browse pictures of the girls flirting below!