Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Jasmine Lennard clashes with Prince Lorenzo over nominations!

Jasmine Lennard (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 nominations fallout resulted in a huge row between Jasmine Lennard and Prince Lorenzo tonight.

Earlier in the evening, Jasmine and Rhian were nominated in face to face nominations.

Lorenzo had nominated Jasmine, saying that he felt she wanted to see her son.

But a crying Jasmine was upset at being put up for the first eviction, telling the Italian Prince: "F**k off, f**k off.. you pr**k, who do you think you are?"

Lorenzo stood his ground, calming telling: "I think I have a right to talk, I heard you were here for the money for your son, so how is you winning the show good for your son?

"I thought coming here for the money is good for you, why is it about winning now?

"I'm sorry we have to nominate someone on our logic, but I think my logic is reasonable."

Jasmine snapped: "I'm not interested, no it's not.

"The longer you stay on the show the more opportunities you get [on the outside]."

The other housemates tried to calm down the bickering pair, with Harvey telling her: "Come on Jess, we've got to stick together."

But a teary eyed Jasmine shot him down as she carried on to rant at being put up for the chop.

Meanwhile Rhian was a lot more positive about being put up, claiming she expected it but had thought she'd be against rival model Danica.

Coleen avoided facing the public vote, but was almost as upset as Jasmine after receiving two votes from the other housemates.

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