Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Jasmine hopes for an eviction tonight!


It seems the stress of the Big Brother house is already getting to Jasmine Lennard, who wants an eviction tonight!

Speaking to Rhian and Danica in the bedroom today, Jasmine admitted she was hoping that Big Brother would get "s**t rocking" in the house after a rather slow start.

She said: "I hope they do do an eviction tonight, I'm ready to get s**t rocking in this house, it's getting a bit boring already.

"They wrote that they can change the rules at any time."

"Yeah, not much is really happening at the minute, although it is only Day 2..." agreed Rhian.

As the trio speculated on what could be planned for tonight's live show, Rhian confessed: "That scares me, not knowing what's going on in the outside world. That scares me a bit too much."

Meanwhile Jasmine had seemingly already consigned herself for an early exit,

"I am really just being myself, so if I do get kicked out for being like that then there's not a lot I can do," she said.

The housemates are currently unaware that tonight will see them nominating for the first time, but in a twist it will not only be live but also face to face!

That's sure to get "s**t rocking"...

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