Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Ashley McKenzie fancies Rhian Sugden!

Rhian Sugden (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Three days into Celebrity Big Brother 2012 and the hormones are already going crazy!

Last night Danica and The Situation seemed to be getting close, and now there's another brewing romance.

Speaking about the girls in the house, The Situation told MC Harvey and Ashley McKenzie about his crush for Danica.

He said: "I'm trying not to like her but it's not working... I'm pretty obvious with it!"

"I'm not obvious," said Ashley, "[But] I like Rhian, I just think she's nice."

"Just get it out there," advised rapper Harvey.

But Ashley felt he had a much tougher task in trying to win over Page 3 beauty Rhian.

He told The Situation: "You two [The Situation and Danica] will get it on, but my one is harder, but I'm here to have fun."

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