Big Brother 2012: Luke A says he'll share prize money with Adam

Luke Anderson (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother 2012 winner Luke A has revealed he'll be giving runner up Adam £5,000 of his prize money.

Last week the pair made a bet that if either of them won, they would give £5,000 to the other one, and Luke is keen to honouring their agreement.

Last night saw Luke leave £50,000 richer as the winner of Big Brother 2012.

Speaking to the press after his exit this morning, Luke said: "Me and Adam had decided between us that whoever won we'd give the other £5,000. I've won £45,000 in my book as I will be giving Adam £5,000."

It seemed that Luke was still coming down from the high of the final live show, saying: "I'm over the moon, I'm happy and in shock mainly. I didn't think I'd win, even when it was me and Adam I didn't think I had it. It was overwhelming... it was awesome."

And he claimed: "I believe Caroline was a bully, she upset Sara and a few other people. "

But Luke A claimed that Conor wasn't as bad, saying: "He was nasty at times but not in a bullyish way, he was violent sometimes... not violent but aggressive maybe."

Luke added: "I didn't mind [Conor winning £50,000]. I knew one of them would take it and I was happy at the time for them because I never thought I'd win."

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