Reggie Yates hits out at reality shows (but not "credible" The Voice UK)

Reggie (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK co-host Reggie Yates has hit out at reality telly shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice, saying he'd never take part.

If, like us, you were eagerly awaiting news that Reggie would be joining Cheryl Fergison on Celebrity Big Brother this summer, you're sure to be disappointed.

In an interview with Company magazine this month, Reggie says: "No thanks. I’ve been asked to do everything from Strictly to that ice skating thingy."

And he added: "Shows like that don’t fit into what I think TV is for."

But there are two exceptions for Reggie, The Voice and, perhaps strangely The X Factor.

"I’ve never slammed The X Factor. I just said The Voice is more credible than any other show," the 28-year-old radio host claims.

And why hasn't he slagged The X Factor off?

Reggie admits: "I’m not stupid enough to say anything bad about Simon Cowell – I don’t want to p*** him off. He’s like an overlord!’"

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