Tonight's telly: Don't Stop Me Now, Sky1, 8PM

Sky1 HD

Tonight sees the launch of Sky1's new talent show, which we can only describe as Britain's Got Talent with trap doors!

The wacky show will see budding performers take to the stage to perform their talents, from singing to comedy, with the studio audience given the power to decide whether they're good enough to continue.

If they are, then it could mean a £25,000 prize, but if they' fail, they'll be ejected from the stage... quite literally!

Excited host Amanda Byram teased: "There is a singer from show one that blew me away. He confessed to not having many friends and spending all of his time in his bedroom.

"He was so shy and we weren't sure he was going to even be brave enough to get up on stage.

"But the moment he opened his mouth, he took everyone's breath away."

Don't Stop Me Now, Sky1, 8PM

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