ITV accused of 'faking' dating show Take Me Out

Take Me Out

ITV has been accused of faking Saturday night dating show Take Me Out, with producers reportedly telling contestants which men to pick.

The show, which tries to match one guy with one of 30 girls, has been accused of trying to create "sensational viewing" by telling girls to keep their lights on.

At each stage in the show the girls can turn the light on their podium off, ruling them out of the show and a date with the guy. At the end, the bloke has to pick one of the girls whose light remains on to whisk away on a holiday to the Isle of Fernando's in Tenerife.

But some of the female contestants have claimed to the Daily Mirror that they were forced to keep their lights on, with producers moaning at them for being "too picky" with the boys.

“The producers pulled some of the girls in and said, ‘If you’re waiting for George Clooney or Brad Pitt, they’re not coming’," one contestant told the newspaper today. "They told us to keep our light’s on for the next contestant, who was more than 10 years younger than me. I refused and was taken off.”

And even the bachelors are moaning, with one claiming that girls had contacted him after the show to say they wanted to pick him but had been told not to.

Another female contestant added: “I really fancied a bloke on my first week on the show, he was just my type, but the producers made it quite clear I wasn’t to pick him and he left without a date.

“It’s a shame because in the end he went away feeling a fool for going on the show, but I told him afterwards how much I had liked him and we’ve seen each other a number of times since.

"I ended up going away on a date with someone I wasn’t that interested in. It was a waste of my time and his.”

However the show's producers Talkback Thames dismissed the claims.

They told the tabloid: “We strongly refute any claims that we tell the contestants how to act or how to respond.”

The show continues tonight on ITV1.

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