MC Harvey claims he "never" said he was in a relationship with Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

MC Harvey has finally rubbished any notion that he ever had a relationship with Cheryl Cole, revealing that media scrutiny over his original claims has left him "exhausted".

In a new interview with this week's heat magazine, Harvey insisted he was never in a romantic relationship with the Girls Aloud star.

He explained: "Never. I never said that. I am mortified. It's made me paranoid and it’s got to the point where it's become exhausting."

The claims, which originally appeared in Now magazine earlier this year, saw Harvey feud with Cheryl on Twitter over the allegations.

He added: "I am angry. But me being angry isn't going to do anything. It's a lesson learned."

But Harvey did insist that he had exchanged emails with the singer, saying that Cheryl hadn't denied their existence.

"[Only] Nicola [Roberts denied them]," he said.

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