Cheryl Cole's starts legal proceedings against Now magazine over MC Harvey claims

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole's spokesperson has confirmed that the singer has started legal proceedings against Now magazine following their interview with MC Harvey last week.

In the feature and follow up article published on Tuesday, the magazine revealed claims that Cheryl had been in a "secret" relationship with the So Solid Crew rapper.

In a statement released yesterday, Cheryl's people confirmed: "Cheryl Cole has today commenced legal proceedings in London against the publishers of Now magazine as a result of its two articles about her alleged "secret romance" with Michael Harvey."

They continued: "Cheryl's lawyers have asked to see Mr Harvey's alleged e-mails which the magazine says are "proof" of the "romance" but it claims not to have them in its possession.

"Mr Harvey's claims are denied by Cheryl and she looks forward to seeing both him and the magazine in Court at the very earliest opportunity."

In a recent radio interview, Harvey started to backtrack over his claims, and suggested that some of the quotes in the magazine interview had been fabricated.

He commented: "I did not say I would marry her. I’ve never been with her, I’ve never claimed to have a relationship with her."

But Now magazine defended their article.

A spokesperson for the publication insisted “We completely and wholeheartedly stand by our exclusive and refute any accusation that it contains untruths.

“Michael Harvey himself released a statement earlier this week standing by what he revealed in his interview in Now magazine.

“The article is not defamatory and was published in good faith – we will strongly defend it.”

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