Big Brother 2013 housemates set 'Right Answer' shopping task


For this week’s shopping task the housemates are taking part in Big Brother’s glitzy game show - The Right Answer!

In the task Big Brother will play the part of the game show host, and at various times over the two days will ask the housemates questions. But answering the questions won’t always be as simple as just saying the answer! Housemates will be challenged to answer the questions in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

Big Brother has conducted a web survey that will form the basis of some of the questions, with the housemates having to guess how the viewers have voted. For example Big Brother asked the viewers, ‘which housemate is the biggest snake?’ The housemates then have to guess who the viewers voted for the most, and that housemate will have to dress as a giant snake.
, money will be added to a running Totaliser.

At the end of day two the Totaliser comes into play, as the amount of money that the housemates have accumulated becomes a countdown in the final game. When the money runs out it’s game over!

In the final game the housemates must try to get themselves into the order of who they think should win according to the viewers. As they try to work out the correct order the money on the Totaliser will tick down. The housemates will win however much money is left on the Totaliser when they finally solve the correct order.


Hazel’s disgusting breakfast.
Hazel has to guess which dish the public want her to eat:

* A pigs nose pastry
* Tarantulas on toast
* Or a normal blueberry muffin

Phone message from Wolfy.
Housemates have to guess who Wolfy has left a message for. All housemates will be told is that Wolfy has some brutally honest home truths for one housemate.

Sophie’s tricky riddles.
Sophie has to answer riddles posed to her by Big Brother. She will have a gold mega phone and must shout out the answer before the end of her thinking music.

Gunge the Answer.
Housemates have to answer these questions by gunging the correct housemates.

Who’s the biggest snake?
Housemates have to guess who the public think is the biggest snake is. The housemate they choose has to dress in a giant snake costme.

Gina’s song.
Gina has to guess which song the public want her to sing. She will sing from the announce the answer podium in the living area.

Callum’s strip.
Callum has to guess which housemate the public want him to strip for. He will sit the housemate he chooses on a chair in the middle of the sofa area and perform a strip for them

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