The Cabins: Meet new couples Curtis & Daisy and Charlotte & Remi

cabins new couples

Two new pairs enter The Cabins on ITV2 tonight as to start a 24 hour date.

In this evening’s episode at 9PM, two new couples check in to The Cabins.

In Otter’s Pocket there’s Curtis and Daisy.

Curtis declares: “I’d rate my looks a 7.6 out of 10. But you introduce the chat, the banter, the personality, [I’m an] 8.4 solid… If you’re talking about ‘official girlfriends’, from the age of 16 up, nil points for me. I’ve never had a real one.”


What Curtis doesn’t realise upon arrival however, is that he’s not alone. His date Daisy is in fact hiding in a giant teddy on the sofa, and scares the life out of him by leaping out at him.

A stunned Curtis admits: “Literally I need to change my boxers.”

He laughs: “I got you some flowers, you don’t deserve them anymore” and adds: “Lovely to meet you, although you scared the s*** out of me.”

Daisy meanwhile describes herself by saying: “I have a constant stream of thoughts. If I don’t say them out to someone, I will just say them out to myself. I can’t shut up, it’s physically impossible. Basically I need someone to talk s*** to.”

Daisy adds of how she hopes the date will go: “I need a snog. I need multiple snogs.”

The pair quiz each other about their previous partners and Daisy reveals she’s had one sexual partner. Discussing ‘numbers’ and sex she says: “If women want to have sex, they should have sex and shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. Do what you want honey. If you want to orgasm your way to death, go for it. As long as it makes you happy.”

Daisy and Curtis
Daisy and Curtis

Daisy and Curtis try out the hot tub, but find it’s far too cold, so instead Curtis runs himself a bubble bath, while Daisy has a shower alongside him.

Curtis laughs: “And they say romance is dead!”

Later, Curtis gives Charlotte a massage in bed. He tells her to imagine she’s on a beach with a “really fit lad” rubbing her back.

Daisy admits: “It’s my favourite thing in the world getting a massage. You can stick around if this is what you do.”

Curtis laughs: “I have many talents, this is simply one of them.”

Daisy adds: “I’m just so happy.”

And as the pair discuss their date and how they could round it out, is a kiss in bed on the cards?


Over in Stag’s Mount there’s Remi and Charlotte.

“People say I’m a catch… but I’ve not been caught,” says Remi, “Unless there’s some common ground to kind of go from, my chat is abysmal. Phenomenally bad chat.”

But it seems he might be downplaying things. As when his date Charlotte arrives, it all seems to be smooth sailing.

Charlotte says: “How stunning is the cabin?”

Remi replies: “I’ve been looking at you, I’ve not really looked around.”

Charlotte laughs: “The Cabin’s a lot more impressive.”

Remi replies: “That’s not true at all, you look amazing.”

Charlotte shares her love of crystals with Remi. He admits to a friend on text it’s all new to him but he’s willing to keep an open mind.

Charlotte and Remi
Charlotte and Remi

The pair also try out their hot tub, but also finding it too cold, opt to squeeze into the bath together. The pair don’t really fit, but manage to take some selfies and tell each other jokes.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, Charlotte says: “You can stay upstairs if you promise to be a gentleman…. Any funny business you’re on the ottoman.”

Charlotte adds: “I normally sleep naked, but I won’t go there.”

In the morning the pair discuss whether to extend their date. And it seems Remi’s chat is still on point.

Remi says he’s enjoyed their time together and adds: “It helps that you’re gorgeous as well.”

Charlotte smiles: “Don’t look at me now, I’ve just done a workout!”

Remi replies: “Still an 8.”

Charlotte laughs: “Winning!”

Will the two new couples decide to renew their time in The Cabins for a further 24 hours?

The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV

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