How I'm A Celebrity stars stopped conversations from airing on TV

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The stars of I'm A Celebrity had a secret tactic to keep conversations from airing on TV.

Radio 1 DJ Jordan North has revealed how the group took advantage of music copyright to keep chats off screen.


He explained: "Before we went in, we were told not to sing any songs by Queen, The Beatles or Disney because we can't get them cleared.

"That means you've got to get the rights for it.

"So if we were having a conversation that we didn't want to go on air, we'd have a conversation and we'd get someone in the background to sing 'I Want To Break Free'."

Jordan told his Radio 1 colleagues and listeners: "I'd be there with Shane Richie going, 'Is he really like that? I've always loved him on the telly'.

"Shane's saying, 'Can't stand him mate, he is nothing like you see...'

"Then you've got Vernon Kay in the background going 'Hey Jude, don't let me down... ' - then we'd know it wouldn't go on air!"


Jordan finished as runner up on I'm A Celebrity in last Friday's final as Giovanna Fletcher was crowned the first ever Queen of the castle. Vernon Kay finished in third place.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 series of I'm A Celebrity swapped its usual Australian location for Gwrych Castle in the Welsh countryside.

Show bosses recently suggested that the show could stay in the UK for future series.

Executive producer Richard Cowles revealed (via Broadcast): "Australia has been I’m A Celebrity’s natural home and the Welsh version was born out of necessity rather than choice but we’ve learned a lot and so maybe there is a UK incarnation of the show.

"We will look at what being in Wales means for the format going forward. Is it something we would want to do again, or do we want to return to Australia?"


For now you can catch up on the most recent series via the ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV

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