Vernon Kay covered in critters in final I'm A Celebrity trial

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Vernon Kay was covered in critters in his final I'm A Celebrity 2020 trial.

In tonight's show each of the final three took on a trial in order to win food for one course of the night's final dinner.


Vernon took on Table of Torment as his final Trial to try and win stars for camp to provide starters for the last supper.

It was an endurance Trial and he had to lie flat shackled on a table for 10 minutes as various critters and rotten fruit and veg were placed on him. For every 2 minutes he endured he would win a star for camp.

The first 3 stars for starters, the fourth star for a drink and the fifth and final star for a treat of his choice.

It didn’t get off to a great start with Vernon shocked at the horrendous smell of the rotten vegetables placed on him “Oh my god that’s disgusting, that stinks.” This was soon followed by a collection of critters placed all over his body.

Vernon successfully endured 10 minutes and afterwards said “That is the most horrific thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

For his final meal, Vernon had prawn cocktail, chicken and sweet potato mash, treacle sponge, cup of tea and sourdough bread with marmite and cottage cheese.

Vernon is joined in the grand final with Giovanna Fletcher and Jordan North.

One of the three will be named the first ever King or Queen of the Castle tonight on ITV.


I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.

Plus spin-off I’m A Celebrity... The Daily Drop, hosted by Vick Hope, is available on the ITV Hub from 6AM daily.

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