Watch I'm A Celebrity's Mo Farah and AJ Pritchard face Game Of Groans trial

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Mo Farah and AJ Pritchard took on the latest trial in tonight's I'm A Celebrity.

With viewers now choosing who to eliminate, it's up to the celebs to decide who does the daily trials


This evening Mo and AJ took on the latest task, Game of Groans.

Dec introduced the Trial. "This is Game of Groans. On the board are 16 shields, they each have a number on the front and one the reverse is a painted symbol. Your job is to memorise the symbols and their position on the board.

"You'll be seated on these thrones behind you here and spun around for 60 seconds. While you spin the symbols will be revealed for you to memorise. When you stop, they'll be hidden and you'll be tested on which symbol is where. There are 3 rounds, 2 stars to win in each round, so a total of 6 stars. Each star is worth a meal for camp."

Ant continued. "However it gets trickier because the position of the shields will change each round and it's a Trial so there will be a few surprises along the way."

AJ confessed that his memory wasn't great, although AJ took a more positive position saying "at this point I'm going to say a positive, yeah it's great honestly we're going to do well yeah!."


They sat on two thrones that were positioned back to back. AJ commented that it was nice to have a back rest, although Mo looked less comfortable. They told Ant and Dec that their strategy was that AJ memorise the top two lines and Mo the bottom two.

As the two started spinning they tried to memorise the positions of the shields while being covered in cockroaches, crickets, mealworms and maggots. They were tested on the positioning of the shields but failed to win any points as on their first question AJ was correct and Mo wrong, and the reverse happened on the second.

In the second round, they had to find matching pairs. More critters rained down on them as they tried to memorise the positions. This time they both got the questions correct meaning two stars for camp.

The shields moved around again and they prepared for the third round. Mo got his question incorrect but AJ got his right meaning one more star.

Together the pair therefore won a total of three out of six meals for camp.

Fronted by Ant & Dec, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs every night on ITV at 9PM.


The final takes place Friday, 4 December.

Together with the main show, you can watch spin-off The Daily Drop via ITV Hub each morning from 7AM.

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