Mystery over I'm A Celebrity star who 'needs to be taught how to pee'

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A 'phantom dribbler' has been causing controversy in the I'm A Celebrity camp.

In tonight's episode the remaining campers set out to try and discover who had been struggling to use the castle toilet.


Talking in the Telegraph, Vernon said “We have a phantom dribbler in camp and someone has been sprinkling when they tinkle and it’s caused quite a stir.”

Shane said he went to the privy in the middle of the night and someone had dribbled before him.

Jordan said it wasn’t him and that he wasn’t the phantom dribbler, he joked it was Shane.

Talking in the Telegraph, Shane said “I’ve had a dodgy stomach and the last thing anyone will do is stand when they go to the toilet.”

Jordan thought the phantom dribbler was Shane. Victoria said she’d been to the privy after Shane and noticed the floor was wet. Bev and Victoria also thought the phantom dribbler was Shane.

Talking about the continued mystery, Vernon said in the Telegraph “It is a bit awkward, how do you teach people over 25 years old how to pee.”


In the mean time, Mo and Giovanna completed the latest castle coin challenge and faced a rather apt question for the prize.

They walked up to Kiosk Cledwyn and they had a choice of chocolate eclairs and cheese and crackers, they chose chocolate eclairs.

Kiosk Cledwyn called the camp and AJ answered the phone, the question was what percentage of Brits flush the toilet with the seat down a/43% or b/28%

The camp chose 28% which was wrong so Kiosk Cledwyn slammed the shutter down on Mo and Giovanna.

Back in camp, Jordan was cleaning the privy and Vernon was showing him how to do it properly.

Giovanna and Mo returned empty handed and the celebrities were gutted, as the identity of the phantom dribbler remained unknown.


I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

Picture: ITV

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