I'm A Celebrity 2020: Victoria Derbyshire discusses cancer diagnosis in moving chat

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Victoria Derbyshire opened up about her cancer diagnosis in tonight's I'm A Celebrity.

In this evening's episode, Jessica and Victoria had a really honest and moving conversation about the presenter battling breast cancer.


The two were in the bathroom and as Jessica pumped the water and Victoria showered, she asked Victoria "So you know like you had breast cancer, did you have to have a mastectomy?"

Victoria replied that she had, which surprised Jessica. Jessica asked if Victoria had had health insurance to which Victoria replied "No the NHS. Amazing. NHS are superb. They saved my life. They saved my life, you know."

Victoria explained: "Jess was pumping the water for me in the shower and she just started asking me lots of really frank and open questions about my breast cancer diagnosis."

Jessisca asked how Victoria had found out she had cancer.

Victoriashared: "So I was going to bed on a Sunday night and getting undressed in the bathroom and I just looked in the mirror and my right breast was about two inches lower than my left."

Jess exclaimed "I have a boob lower than my other boob."


"Do not worry. Has it always been like that?" asked Victoria.

"It's been like that for a long time" replied Jessica.

Victoria continued: "So that's your normal. I knew that wasn't how I normally looked. Not only that, the nipple had become inverted so it was as though someone was pulling it backwards, do you know what I mean? Honestly, I thought, that looks weird, oh, I'll just sort that tomorrow. I did not think anything. I didn't.

"And five days later it was confirmed that it was breast cancer"

Jessica asked how Victoria's husband Mark reacted: "We could barely speak, you know. We could barely speak to each other. We are talkers, we are open, we are you know, and we just had no words because honestly all I was thinking was I'm going to die. Seriously, I'm going to die. And then, I thought I'm not going to see my boys grow up, I'm not going to grow old with Mark, I mean it was just, I just thought my luck's run out, you know."

Jess said in the telegraph: "I've never had that conversation before in my life with anyone. It's an honour to feel like she could be that open with me."

Jessica then asked Victoria "where about on your breast was it?"

Victoria revealed: "It was all over. It was disparate. It wasn't a lump. It was like, how would I describe it, if you had loads of string all messed up it was like that, sort of long bits, it was all over the place. It wasn't a solid lump which is why you need all that chemo and then targeted radiotherapy."


"And that's why you didn't feel it before?" asked Jessica.

"Yeah, exactly because there's not a lump but it's so important because most women think you're looking for a lump, actually you're not, you're looking for your.. " "Change?" asked Jess. "Exactly" said Victoria. "Your breasts look different to how they normally look. Do you know what I mean."

"But it you get it early, it's totally doable. You will survive" Victoria added.

She told the telegraph: "I am really passionate about talk to people about breast cancer, I'm so open about it, even though it was recounting some painful times. I loved having a young woman asking me about it, someone who's, gone through it so I could just tell her the facts."

At the end of the chat Victoria said "thank you for doing that Jess. Thank you for asking very sensitive questions. "Jessica apologised. "Do not say sorry. I ask questions for a living" as they hugged.


Later Jess said "Victoria is an incredible strong woman. I feel like I've learned so much just from that conversation. So much that I'm going to make sure I tell my daughter."

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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