I'm A Celebrity stars left disgusted by dirty toilet in camp

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The I'm A Celebrity stars were left disgusted by the state of their privy in tonight's episode.

Shane Richie woke up with stomach cramps so went straight to the privy.


Jordan North suggested the privy needed a good clean, Victoria remarked that it wasn’t the seat that needed cleaning, it was the wee on the floor. Vernon Kay said that someone had a really bad aim.

As Jordan left the room AJ claimed it was Jordan who was leaving wee on the privy floor, Victoria said they had no evidence of that so shouldn’t say it.

But AJ then revealed “Yesterday, me, Shane and Mo waited around to see after everyone went into the toilet and checked.”

AJ added: “It really annoyed me because every guy was saying it wasn’t them.”

Meanwhile, Jordan cleaned the privy.

Bev asked Shane how his stomach was, Shane said he was tired as he’d been on the privy all night. Beverley said she was the opposite.


Beverley didn’t like going to the toilet when everyone was in the courtyard so she asked them to sing a song whilst she went in. They all sand ‘Over the Rainbow’ as Beverley went in, she came out and was impressed with how clean the privy now was.

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Victoria asked Russell about his singing career and Nessun Dorma. "It's very hard" he said, "I'll do a little bit of it if you like" as he started singing.

"When Russell sings to us, we are absolutely mesmerised. We're so lucky to be in this environment," said Victoria in the telegraph.

Victoria kissed him as she exclaimed: "Russell I'm crying. That is just so gorgeous."

Hollie said "One moment we're sitting there engrossed in Russell singing and just you know a little bit teary some of the girls and oh it was just amazing. And then the next minute we're all singing."

Russell gave the campmates a singing lesson, first getting them to do vocal exercises singing "zee zee zee" and then "zo zo zo" and then a "tongue trill".

"I'm not a singer, I'm a runner. I just have to stay in my lane" joked Mo.

And Jordan added "I mean honestly, I'm going to be on Broadway this time next year. Maybe not Broadway. Maybe Panto. I'll take Panto."

They then all sat around the camp fire and sang White Christmas led by Russell.


"I've got to be honest. I loved White Christmas tonight. I thought the noise was much better than I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised. They weren't half bad."

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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