Watch I'm A Celebrity's Shane Richie take on the 'Cruel Jewels' trial

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Shane Richie took part in the latest I'm A Celebrity trial tonight.

Ant and Dec entered camp last night (Monday 23 November) to reveal the results of the latest viewer vote.


With the most votes from viewers, Shane took part in 'Cruel Jewels'.

Arriving at the trials area tonight, Dec explained the challenge: "There are 12 stars to retrieve and they're hidden amongst the Castle's crown jewels. You'll need to crawl through our display cabinets trying to find and collect the stars along the way."

Ant continued: "Once you've got a star, pop it in your star bag. All the stars in the star bag at the end of the time will count. You've got 12 minutes to do this trial."

Shane climbed up a short set of stairs to the first cabinet that contained six orb shaped jewellery boxes. Each contained maggots and mealworms and Shane went through them all, searching for stars, as cockroaches and crickets rained down on him. In the last two boxes he found two specially designed stars which for this trial were edged with crystals.

He continued to the next section where he found a throne guarded by four Royal Pythons. There was a star on the raised dias where the throne stood and he unscrewed it. To retrieve the second star he had to put his head through the top of the box and unscrew two stars with his tongue. He retrieved these and secured them in the star bag.


Shane then made his way into the next section which contained snakes. He gingerly made his way through and had to release two stars which were secured onto the wall on large sceptres. He carefully retrieved them both, saying the names of his children to give him courage. "If I name all the kids I'll be here for ten hours" he joked.

The next box contained another throne. Like before, he had to unscrew a star from the front of the dais whilst avoiding the toads that were in the box with him. Again he raised his head and his head went into spiderwebs. The box contained 200 spiders. Once again he used his tongue to release the two stars.

The final box contained naked rats and Shane carefully avoided them as he reached down to a second box to retrieve two more stars this time guarded by scorpions.

Shane finished the trial with all 12 stars won.

"We're going to eat like kings and queens. We've got 12," reacted Shane.


Hosted by Ant and Dec, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV at 9PM.

Alongside the main series, you can stream spin-off The Daily Drop via ITV Hub each morning from 7AM.

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