Watch I'm A Celebrity's latest Bar-Baric trial as celebs get coated in offal

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The women of I'm A Celebrity took on a Bar-Baric trial in tonight's episode.

Friday's show featured a live trial which saw the men and women go head to head. The men won and enjoyed a banquet while the women automatically faced this evening's next trial.


In tonight's show (Sunday 22 November), Ant and Dec explained the trial was called Bar-Baric, later describing it as one of the most smelly and disgusting the show had ever done.

Dec explained: "You will see there are two chambers here. All six of you will be chained and locked to a giant bar in the first chamber. When the Trial begins a number of keys will be dropped in and one of the keys will unlock the first celebrity who will be on the right hand side of the bar.

"Once they are unlocked they will be able to slide the bar and free themselves and exit the first chamber and enter the second chamber."

Ant added: "Once in the second chamber, they will select one of the boxes and retrieve the two stars inside. When they've done this there will be a second key drop in the first chamber. These will release the second celebrity. They will come to the second chamber and release their two stars and so on and so on.

"This will continue until you've released all six of you. There are 12 stars up for grabs. Every star you get is a meal for camp. " They had twelve minutes to complete the trial.


Victoria quickly volunteered to be last and thereby enduring the worst that that chamber had to offer while Giovanna offered to go first to quickly be able to retrieve at least a couple of stars.

The girls were in place as offal rained down on them. They quickly found the first key and Giovanna released herself and ran to the second chamber. She was faced with six boxes each of which contained two stars guarded by Castle Critters.

She picked a box containing a tarantula and fearlessly unscrewed her stars meaning they had two meals for camp.

Ruthie was next to be released. Her box contained earthworms and she managed to unscrew the two stars.

Beverley followed and bravely released the stars before Jessica whose box contained rats.

Hollie was next and unscrewed her stars from a box which contained snakes.

Victoria was last, meaning that she'd been in that chamber for longest and was absolutely covered in fish guts, offal and slime however she didn't quite have time to get to her box and retrieve her stars meaning that the team won ten out of twelve stars.

"This is why I went into journalism" laughed Victoria as she stood covered in the stinking entrails.

Back in camp, the girls were rewarded for their efforts with a meal of pigeon.


Giovanna said “Pigeon, are you having a laugh, I’m not impressed.”

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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