I'm A Celeb's Shane Richie reveals unlikely friendship with Tom Cruise

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Shane Richie has spilled all on his surprise friendship with Tom Cruise.

In tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity, actor Shane entertained the campmates by talking about going go-karting with Tom Cruise.


He explained, "When I was in the West End doing Boogie Nights in 1999, Nicole Kidman and Tom were filming Eyes Wide Shut.

"And there was a big indoor go-karting track near the BBC and one time I got a phone call from Charlie who used to run it and he said come along on your own and I was going through a real public divorce at the time, I was being followed by the press, so I turned up and went in and he said sit down, I've got to tell you Tom and Nicole are here - he said Tom and Nicole, he said he wants to know if he can race against you because you love go-karting."

"We'd race 'till 5 in the morning. He was a speed freak. He didn't care about danger."

"Hence why he did his own stunts" added Vernon Kay.

Shane continued: "But the thing was all the press had followed me to outside this warehouse, Tom, oh my god, did someone tell them I was here. I said they're following me.

"Then he realised in that period of time I was famous. Anyway we got chatting , just a couple of times and go and have drinks, we'd talk about stuff but mostly about go -karting.


Meanwhile, Vernon shared with the campmates about the time he met Brad Pitt in Marks and Spencer.

He said: "I had my face in the veg and I saw this figure coming to the door and I recognised it straight away and I thought ok wow, that's' such and such and I looked and it was, it was Brad Pitt. And he walked in and he carried on walking and you could just see everyone kind of go ...

"And that very afternoon I went to my favourite DIY shop to pick up a few bits and as I'm crossing the road, Kate and WIlliam stopped in their Range as I'm crossing the road. What a day."

"Angelina used to go to our Sainsburys," he added.


I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.

Picture: ITV.

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