Why Shane Richie finally signed up for I'm A Celebrity this year

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Shane Richie has revealed why he finally said yes to I'm A Celebrity after years of offers.

The former EastEnders star, known to millions as Alfie Moon in the BBC soap, admitted he has been asked to take part many times before.


Explaining his decision to say yes in 2020, Shane says he snapped up the offer this year as it was the show's 20th anniversary.

He shared: “We got the call in January and I agreed to do it because it was the 20th one.

“My kids were old enough to travel to Australia and they wanted to meet Ant and Dec! We were all really excited."

Shane continued: “We were going to fit it around my other work projects as I was going on tour, doing a TV series and panto but that all got cancelled in March.

“And now I am literally skint! You save money for a rainy day but you don’t expect the rainy day to last six months. Thankfully I’ve been able to borrow money from mates, my family and the bank and my wife is now very happy we can finally pay off the credit card!

“But what an honour to be asked before lockdown. I am so grateful and I am really looking forward to being around adults again instead of my wife and three children!”


Meanwhile Shane says heights, claustrophobia or surviving on 600 calories a day won’t be an issue for him.

He joked: “600 calories a day is like a slice of cake on a Sunday,” he adds. “But I have got to go straight back in the West End to play a drag queen in a dress and so I will look great!”

And Shane added of the potential trials: “There is something about adrenaline and fear and that’s what I am looking forward to when I take part in this show.

"You aren’t going to know what to expect because we are now going to North Wales where sitting around a roaring fire is going to be more important than any other year because it will be cold and dark.”


I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV at 9PM.

Picture: ITV

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