Love Island spoilers as stars from series one reunite in new ITV2 special

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The stars of Love Island's first series are brought together on ITV2 tonight for a reunion special.

Love Island: What Happened Next begins at 9PM (October 13) on ITV2 this evening.


In the show, Hannah Elizabeth and Jess Hayes from series one reunited to catch up about life since Love Island and they brought along two new additions – they’ve each had baby boys since appearing on the show.

Lauren Richardson joined them soon after and joked she didn’t ‘get the baby memo’. Conversation then turned to Love Island and the men who they coupled up with in the villa.

Jess said: “I think the last time I saw Max was five years ago. My relationship with Max lasted a month, we just knew it wasn’t going to work so we kind of came to a mutual decision, then I think he went off with someone else and I was kind of fuming about it.”

Jess joked she wished she’d taken the £50,000 and then revealed she was nervous about seeing Max again.

Max Morley and Jon Clark arrived to join the ladies and met for the first time in nearly five years.

Max said: “It wasn’t the cleanest break up so it’ll be weird seeing her again.” Jon added: “I’m super nervous about seeing Hannah. Obviously, it didn’t end in the best way and we haven’t spoken in four years so I’m going to be honest, I’m +@% nervous.”

After being reunited with Hannah, Jon said: “I was nervous because I didn’t know how she was going to react seeing me. I’ll be real with you, seeing her today, she looks amazing.”

Jon and Hannah make amends after four years of not speaking and decide to follow each other on social media, after Hannah had blocked Jon.

The girls are keen to find out about Max’s romantic life post-Love Island as he seems to have a penchant for dating Islanders outside of the villa; fellow Islander Naomi and Laura Anderson from series four.


Max said: “I must have a thing for Islanders! Me and Naomi [Ball] tried to have a little thing, it didn’t really go anywhere. She’s a really nice girl. A few years later I was seeing Laura [Anderson] from series four. She met the parents, things were quite serious!”

Love Island: What Happened Next, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9PM on ITV2

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