Love Island's Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey talk marriage and babies

They're very much still together!

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Love Island series 2 winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey are very much still together.

The pair appear in on new reunion show Love Island: What Happened Next? tonight (October 13) on ITV2 to talk about


The couple speak about their initial break up months after leaving the villa, their marriage and their little boy Freddie as well as Cara’s pregnancy.

Talking about their son Freddie’s close bond with Nathan, Cara said: “Nathan and Freddie are like best friends, he’s his Dad but they’re as bad as each other and they’re as loud as each other.”

Nathan joked: “He’s a mini me.”

Talking about Nathan’s marriage proposal to her, Cara said: “I’ve got to give it to him, he smashed it.”

Nathan said: “I took her back to the Love Island villa and I did a treasure hunt of moments that meant something to us. I got down on one knee exactly where we first met. It was the most beautiful wedding.”

Speaking about their glamorous wedding, Nathan said: “From the villa, I took the poem I wrote to Cara and read it out at the vows.”


Cara joked: “Because he was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to write no more.”

We then catch up with Cara and Nathan at a later date after Cara had given birth to baby girl Delilah. Nathan said: “She’s been an absolute diamond of a daughter. Freddie’s been the best big brother to her in the world. He loves her to bits.”

Also on the show, series two's Rachel Fenton and Kady McDermott meet up for a friendly catch up as the pair spoke about exes Rykard Jenkins and Scott Thomas and life after Love Island.

Speaking about her relationship with Scott, Kady said: “I think Scott is the only ex, hand on heart, I can say I have no bad blood for. I had a great experience with him. I don’t regret anything. “

Talking about her relationship with Rykard, Rachel said: “We were together for about two years after the show. We moved in together. But we were so different.”

Kady then shared details of her current relationship with boyfriend Myles, she said: “I’ve actually been in a relationship these last two years. I’m really happy with him. We get on really well. He is like my best friend, we’re really similar.”


Rachel who has since returned to nursing spoke of receiving messages from Love Island fans. She said: “What I really love about coming off the show is that I get so many young girls message me saying ‘I really want to be a nurse. How do I get into nursing?’ I love influencing people to get into that role.”

Love Island: What Happened Next, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9PM on ITV2

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