Love Island USA spoilers: Major recoupling as Casa Amor comes to an end

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Love Island USA sees the end of Casa Amor tonight as a major recoupling looms.

After being separated from each other, the girls in the Villa and the boys at Casa Amor are reunited in true dramatic Love Island fashion.


As the girls are gathered at the fire pit, host Arielle announces: “Tonight, there will be a recoupling. Girls each of you has a huge decision to make. One by one I’m going to ask you if you would like to stay with your current partner who has been staying at Casa Amor for the last few days. Or if you would like to recouple with one of these boys standing in front of you.”

“The boys at Casa Amor had to decide whether they wanted to stick with you or recouple with one of the new girls.”

“Girls it's time to make your decisions and find out what the boys decided to do.”

Up first is Moira who has been getting to know new boy Aaron but was previously coupled up with Calvin. Will she decide to stick or twist? And will Calvin be walking in alone or with a new girl by his side?

When it’s Kierstan’s turn, Arielle asks: “How have the last few days been for you?”

Kierstan says: “They’ve been very eye-opening and have taught me a lot. And I feel the decision I have come to is something I can fully put my heart into, and even if it doesn’t go the way that I want it to…. yeah.”


After Kierstan makes her decision and Carrington reenters the Villa, it’s Justine’s turn.

Justine says: “I feel super nervous but I’m going to go with my heart on this. I can’t help but try to stay hopeful about it.”

Following this, Cely makes her choice and Johnny enters the Villa. But has he decided to remain with Cely or recouple with one of the new girls?

Finally, it’s Mackenzie who says: “Since day one I have grown significantly as a person, and as a friend and a partner. So far, I’ve been able to share this experience with one boy and together we have gone through a series of highs and lows and I was very confident that this was the right connection for me, however with some space and time to reflect I’ve realised I was not being honest with myself….”

The Islanders are reunited but who has stayed loyal and who has decided to recouple?


Any new Islanders left single will be dumped from the villa.

Love Island USA airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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