Love Island USA spoilers: British bombshell as Lauren Coogan enters the villa

Lauren Coogan love island

A British bombshell makes an entrance into the Love Island USA villa tonight.

Lauren Coogan is a 28-year-old Family Assistant from Oxford who currently lives in LA.


Fresh from last night's double dumping, she drops into the villa this evening looking for love.

Speaking ahead of entering the Villa, Lauren says: “I’m Lauren. I’m from Oxford in England and I live in LA.”

Lauren adds: “Usually when I walk into a room I do kind of feel a lot of eyes on me.”

Lauren makes her entrance and relaxes in the garden while the rest of the Islanders are sleeping.

As they wake up, the Islanders get a shock noticing the new girl in the garden and go and meet her for the first time.

Keen to know who Lauren has got her eye on, Kierstan asks: “So, who are you feeling?”


Lauren admits: “Honestly, I really don’t know.”

Mackenzie then reveals: “Connor and I made it official.”

The boys are discussing Lauren’s arrival and it’s clear they are impressed by the Villa’s latest addition.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Connor confesses: “Lauren looks very attractive. Her look right now, is a look that a lot of guys here would go for, including me.”

In the Beach Hut, Johnny says: “She’s a beautiful girl. Her British accent is really attractive.”

The boys are keen to give Lauren the grand tour of the Villa so offer to show her around.

Speaking in the Beach Hut about Lauren’s arrival, Tre comments: “Things just got spicy with Lauren coming into the Villa. And honestly, I think Mackenzie should be the most worried if Lauren shows any interest in Connor. Lauren is definitely the hottest girl that has walked into the Villa.”

Later that day, Lauren asks Carrington for a chat. Carrington asks: “Who physically attracts you the most, because you still have to get to know everyone’s personalities?”


Lauren replies: “You. I don’t know, I haven’t figured you out yet.”

Carrington says: “Plenty of time. I am open to talking to you. So, I wouldn’t feel weird about pulling me or anybody.”

Kierstan has picked up on the pair’s liaisons. She says: “Ok, that convo is lasting way too long!”

That evening the Islanders come together to celebrate Lauren’s arrival.

Lauren then receives a text, which reads: “Lauren. America has spoken and they want you to go on a date with Connor. #CheersBabes”

Shortly after, she receives another text which reads: “But that’s not all. You must now choose two other boys to date later tonight. Please make your decision now #DealersChoice #WellAwkward”


But how will Mackenzie feel about Lauren spending alone time with Connor? And who will Lauren choose for her other dates?

Love Island USA continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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