Amy Childs to get her own 'Katie Price-style reality show'

Amy Childs Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother star Amy Childs is reportedly in talks for her own 'Katie Price-style' reality telly show, it has been revealed. Speaking to the Daily Star, Amy wants to show viewers "the real her" on the new programme.

We'd have thought her three week stay in the Celebrity big Brother house would’ve done a good job at that.

Amy said: "I want people to see the real me. I’d just be myself and it would be really fun,’ she added. You’d get to see me doing photoshoots, opening my own business and out with friends."

And it sounds like Amy is hoping to find love on the new show, she continued: "I miss having a boyfriend and it would be nice to have someone to cuddle.

"I want to find someone who can make me laugh and has a good personality. I want someone good looking. But the most important thing is their sense of humour.

"I want to get married and start a family when I’m 25 so I haven’t got long!"

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