How Love Island 2020 winners and losers could all make MILLIONS

love island winners finn paige

The winners of Love Island 2020 - and the losers - all stand to cash in.

It was Finley Tapp and Paige Turley who won love Island 2020 this month beating favourites Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman into second place.


Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott finished in third and Jess Gale and Ched Uzor ended the series in 4th place.

As the winning couple, the pair got to play for the £50,000 prize fund. Host Laura Whitmore revealed two sealed envelopes, explaining that one had £0 inside and the other the full £50,000.

Finn & Paige then each had to select an envelope, with Finn ending up with £0 and Paige the £50,000 prize.

Laura put Paige to the test as she was told she could either keep the £50,000 for herself or share it half and half with Finn.

"I'm going to share it with Finn boy" said Paige without hesitation.

But they - and their fellow finalists - are set to make so much more.


Celebrity PR and Publicist Harry Rutter claimed to the Metro newspaper that Paige and Finn could both become millionaires before the year is out.

He said: "Paige and Finn need to be on it straight away and could set themselves up for life! They’re in a great position after winning the show and could demand fees around £30,000 just for doing a post on Instagram.

"There are so many options for them both, from clothing labels to book deals and even the Christmas panto. The pair could easily become millionaires this year!"

Other contestants are also set to cash in with sponsored social media posts, modelling deals and personal appearances.

"Islanders can earn more than £200,000 per month just on sponsored Instagram posts," Rutter revealed. "If partying is their thing (I mean who’s isn’t?) ex-islanders can expect around £2,000 just for attending a nightclub PA. If Paige and Finn worked together they could easily demand £5,000."

Last year saw Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen named as Love Island's richest stars after finishing as runners up on the dating show in 2016.

They've since married and a series of TV, clothing and magazine deals have led them to amass a reported £4.2 million fortune.


Love Island will return to ITV for a seventh season in the summer.

The show will is expected to return to its regular villa in Spain after hosting its first ever winter season in South Africa.

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