Love Island 2020: Natalia Zoppa hits back at 'game player' claims after exit

Luke M and Natalia.

Natalia Zoppa has hit back at claims she's a game player after leaving Love Island.

Natalia left Love Island this week alongside Jamie Clayton just days ahead of the final.


She had first joined the show in Casa Amor, returning to the main villa with Luke Mabbott.

But just days later the pair split, leading to some to suggest that Natalia used Luke M to get into the Main Villa.

Responding to the claims, Natalia said today: "In Casa Amor we were in our little bubble and it was very private.

"Then when we got into Main Villa, even a little kiss in bed, that made me realise maybe I don’t like him as much as I thought.

"I feel like at least I told him and was fair to him. If I was playing a game, I wouldn’t have done that. I was more worried about how he was feeling, I didn’t want him to be too upset."

She added of Luke M's new coupling with Demi: "They’re really sweet together – they’re both such nice people. They’re too nice!


"They get along really well. I’m not in their relationship so I can’t really say much. I don’t think it’ll work as they live so far away from each other."

Speaking about her own new coupling with Jamie, Natalia revealed: "I saw him having proper good laughs with the lads and they were saying he’s so nice, so funny, so I thought I’ll give it a go.

"I pulled him for a chat and he was really, really nice. I feel like me and him can just talk about anything."

As for their future together, she said: "I would like to go on a date. He’s got to plan it, not me. I’d like to do something fun like bowling.

"I don’t want to just sit down in a restaurant and talk."

Meanwhile, Jamie said: "It’s very early days and we’ve said we’re going to take it slow, we’re going to get to know each other. She is a girl who is worth putting the effort in for.

"I’ve never clicked with someone so quickly in that I actually believe what she’s saying, she is very honest. She doesn’t mess about, it’s her persona, she will just tell you straight."


Love Island 2020 continues nightly on ITV2.

The final takes place on Sunday night.

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