Love Island 2020: Shaughna Phillips speaks out after her exit from the villa


Shaughna Phillips has spoken out after her exit from the Love Island 2020 villa.

It was Shaughna who left Love Island tonight after the latest recoupling saw her left single.


Shaughna's exit followed her being left dumped by Callum Jones in the wake of the Casa Amor twist.

Reflecting on her time with Callum, Shaughna said today: "Initially I was physically attracted to him. He had a nice energy about him, which he still does have… I just see him now in a completely different light.

"My family would have liked him to begin with and then he would have definitely worn my mum thin. He definitely would have rubbed her up the wrong way. Just by not being very affectionate towards me, not ever really putting me first. Every mum wants that for their daughter."

She added: "I did genuinely think Callum was going to bring someone back from Casa Amor. I could have coupled up with one of the new boys, just so I wasn’t standing there on my own. But I would have been forcing it and that’s not me at all."

Discussing seeing Callum return with Molly, Shaughna revealed: "She was gorgeous. That was obviously the first thought. Listen, it must have been awful for her and it could have been any girl standing there. It wasn’t her as a person. She didn’t have any loyalty to me, he did. So in essence, she did nothing wrong."

Shaughna went on to say that she was never going to quit the show.


"I’m definitely glad I stayed for as long as I did," she declared, "There wasn’t a chance of me leaving. I’m an Aries and I’m stubborn. If I was going to leave, it was either going to be by winning or by being dumped."

Shaughna has also spoken about her feelings for Luke Mabbott.

She explained: "I didn’t know I fancied him at first, but I knew there was something there. And it was definitely the ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ challenge when he didn’t marry me, I was thinking, ‘I was expecting you to marry me, why didn’t you marry me?’. That was kind of our running joke.

"I spoke to Jess, Paige, Mike, Finn… as soon as I said it they said, ‘Oh my god, how have we not seen this?’ It was only when things didn’t work out with Natalia and I was like, ‘Oh yay’ and I thought, ‘Why am I happy about that?’ and then straight after that Demi was in there.

"And I was a bit like, ‘Oh no!’. It was those things that all added up to me to make me think, ‘Maybe I like him more than I say I do’.

"I’m glad I went out on a genuine note and didn’t force anything with anyone else."

As for any potential with Luke M outside the villa, Shaughna added: "I’m definitely going to remain friends with everyone in there. I’m more than happy to carry on talking to him. Obviously depending on how things go with Demi...

"They [Luke M and Demi] are two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. They’re two very good looking people and they’re honestly such sweethearts so I can only imagine those two going on to do good things."


Love Island 2020 continues nightly on ITV2.

The final will air on Sunday, February 23.

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